Top Selling Singles of 1971

Here are the Top Ten Best selling singles in the UK from the year 1971.

Top Hits of 1971

Ex Beatle George  Harrison, who died in 2001 from cancer, was later this year in Bangladesh to sing and meet Ravi Shanker.
This single came from his 1970 album “All Things Must Pass”, and the single is all about the Krishna God, but the record caused legal problems as it was claimed it was similar to an older record called “Hes So Fine” by The  Chiffons, however George said the song was actually inspired by the song “Oh Happy Day”.
Later George bought the rights to “He’s So Fine”, and had the last laugh.

   2 Rod Stewart Maggie May  Article on Rod Stewart
   3 Middle of the Road Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
   4 Dawn Knock Three Times Article about Dawn
   5 T Rex Hot Love Article about T.Rex
   6 Mixtures The Pushbike Song
   7 New Seekers Never Ending Song Of Love Article about New Seekers
   8 Diana Ross I'm Still Waiting  Article about Diana Ross
   9 T Rex Get It On Article about T.Rex
   10 The Tams Hey Girl Don't Bother Me