Top Ten Selling Singles of 1973

Here are the top ten best selling singles in the UK for 1973.

Top Hits of 1973
   1 Dawn Tie A Yellow Ribbon  Article about Dawn
The first hit in the 1970s was called Candida which Tony wanted to sing as a solo, but contractual problems prevented this so it was performed under the group Dawn and was written by Toni Wine and Irvine Levine

   2 Simon Park Orchestra Eye Level
   3 Peters & Lee Welcome Home Article about Peters and Lee
   4 The Sweet Blockbuster  Article about Sweet
   5 Slade Cum On Feel The Noize
   6 Gary Glitter I Love You Love Me Love Article about Gary Glitter
   7 Wizzard See My Baby Jive Article about Wizzard
   8 Gary Glitter I'm The Leader Of The Gang  Article about Gary Glitter
   9 Donny Osmond The Twelfth of Never Article about Donny Osmond
   10 David Cassidy Daydreamer / Puppy Song