In the 1970s The Equals

Formed in 1965, this group was fronted by Eddy Grant with Derv and Lincoln Gordon from Jamaica, along with Pat Lloyd and John Hall. The group also had the twins Lincoln and Derv Wilson.

Their only single as The Equal sin the 1970s was Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys which to No. 9 in the UK.
Eddie was born in 1948 in Guyana and moved to the UK in the 1960s and played with a band in North London. Eddy suffered from a collapsed lung in 1971 and had to leave the group, he also had heart issues and after his rest he went solo. He released three albums in the 1970s that all went nowhere at all.

Eddy did not give in and in the 1979 had come back fighting with Living On The Front Line. A 1979 top twenty UK hit on the Mercury label. Bigger things were to come in the 1980s with Electric Avenue. Although The Equals only just touched the 1970s as a group, Eddy would remain a huge influence in pop culture just as he did in the 1960s and the 1980s.