In The 1970s New World

Coming from Brisbane in Australia, this group started in the mid-1960s. They were originally called the New World Trio and consisted of Mel Noonan, John Lee, Robert Elford and John Kane. The group was given extra international exposure by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn. With their help they were then signed up to the RAK label by Mickie Most.

In 1971 they had a chart hit with Rose Garden which got to No. 15, but the cover version in the charts at the very same time went much higher. The singer was Lynn Anderson.

Their next hit, which is now mostly forgotten was Tom Tom Turnaround getting as high as No.6 in the UK. The group had two more top twenty hits, one more in 1971 and one more in 1972. The first was Kara Kara and the second was the more remembered Sister Jane.

The band was acquitted at the Old Bailey following a vote rigging allegation. This followed one girl voting for the group’s performance on the Thames Television talent show called Opportunity Knocks.