In Memory Lou Reed

October 2013 saw the death of one of the most influential pop artist there has ever been. Lou was born in 1942 and went on in the 1960w to be the leader of the group Velvet Underground. It was Andy Warhol, who saw the group and helped influence Lou to write some great songs. The group failed to make any money, but were part of the 60s fabric.

In the 1970s he went solo. In 1971 he had his first album which featured backing vocals from Rick Wakeman of Yes. The album was not a great seller and his next album on 1972 was co produced with the help of David Bowie and produced the single Walk On The Wild Side. The song about pimps, hustlers and sex workers was an instant hit. Some radio stations banned it to begin with and the BBC struggled with it too. Herbie Flowers was also on the single with the beautiful saxophone sounds.

Lou only had one single in the UK charts during the 1970s.