In The 1970s Kate Bush

Kate Bush was born Catherine Bush in 1958. She was a prolific writer and was turned down by many record companies. At the age of 16 Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd was introduced to her recordings and in 1978 she released her first successful single which got to No. 1 in the UK charts. It was Wuthering Heights.

From the Album A Kick Inside . The single was written by Kate and followed the story of the book of the same name. The single was not to be released by the record company but Kate insisted and fought her place. She won and musical history was made.
Not only did she write the song, sing the song but she also danced to the song in the promotional videos. Remember she was only 19.

This was the start of a mega career for Kate. The Man With A Child In His Eyes was the next top ten single in 1978 and written by Kate when she was 13 and recorded when she was only 16. The last hit of 1978 was a No. 44 hit called Hammer Horror.

1979 and Kate was in big demand and in the charts too. Wow was her last hit of that decade and came from the album Lionheart..