In The 1970s Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac are legends of pop music from the 60s onwards.They formed back in 1967 and have had so many changes of group members and directions, which is probably why they have lasted so long. The group was formed by Peter Green along with the now longest surviving member Mick Fleetwood.
Mick was born in Cornwall in 1947 and the groups first UK singles hit in the 1970s came in May and was called The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Prong Crown).  Peter was high on LSD when he wrote this and he left the group very shortly after.

In 1973 the group reissued the instrumental Albatross originally a hit in 1968 and again written by Peter.

Moving on to 1975 and from the album Fleetwood Mac came a batch of U.S. huge hits. The first getting to   Over My Head written and performed by Christine McVie who joined the group in 1970. She was also married to the groups bassist John McVie who divorced in 1977 when they had just made Rumours together .US 1976 saw the No. 11 (46 in the UK in 1978) hits Rhiannon has written by Stevie Nicks, who joined the group in 1975 along with Lindsey Buckingham. The song is based on a welsh novel.

Say You Love Me reached No. 40 the same year (1976) and written by Christine and was thought to be about her marriage after five years in the band. The next single peaked at No. 38 that year and was written by Buckingham and was called Go Your Own Way from the album Rumours. Incredibly the next single Dreams only got to No. 24 and Dont Stop No. 32. Infact the last top twenty hit in the UK charts in the 1970s for the band was Tusk in 1979 coming from the album of the same name and again written by Lindsey.


Past members

Grammy Awards


Won Grammy Award
category Album of the Year for "Rumours


Got nomination for Grammy Award
category Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for "Rumours

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