In The 1970s Carly Simon

Carly Simon born in 1945 became an amazing singer song writer during her long career. She won the Best New Artist at the 1972 Grammy Awards for her album Called Carly Simon. In 1974 she married singer song writer James Taylor and they divorced in 1988.

Grammy Award nominations[edit]

1972Best Pop Female Vocalist"That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be"Nomination
1972Best New ArtistCarly SimonWon
1973Best Pop Female Vocalist"Anticipation"Nomination
1974Best Pop Female Vocalist"You're So Vain"Nomination
1974Record of the Year"You're So Vain"Nomination
1976Best Album Package"Playing Possum"Nomination*
1978Best Pop Female Vocalist"Nobody Does It Better"Nomination
1978Song of the Year"Nobody Does It Better"Nomination*
1979Best Pop Female Vocalist"You Belong to Me"Nomination
1979Best Album PackageBoys in the TreesWon*

In the UK here first single success was in 1972 with You're So Vain a song that has confused millions for years. Just who was she singing about? Well it was eventually told to be NBC President Dick Ebersol.

In 1973 the follow up hit was The Right Thing To Do which was inspired by her love to her husband James Taylor. In 1974 she had a minor hit with Mockingbird. Her last UK hit was to be the theme to the Bond Movie.