In Memory Lynsey De Paul

Lynsey De Paul was born in 1950 and died in 2014 from a brain hemorrhage. During the 1970s this UK blonde bomb shell had several hits in the charts. Her first was in 1972 with Sugar Me.

  • This was Lynsey de Paul's first single though not her first hit. Co-written with Barry Green, it was recorded on the MAM label with Lynsey on piano and her most sensuous vocal. The sheet music is copyright 1972 by Kirschner Music of London, and retailed for 20p.
Barry Green was in fact Barry Blue who co-wrote with her in 1971.

The second hit that year was Getting A Drag. In 1973 she had her hit Wont Someone Dance With Me where Radio One DJ Ed Stewart did the male voice over.This won her an Ivor Novello Award.

  In 1974 she wrote the theme to the TV show No Honestly.The show starred John Alderton and Pauline Collins.The song won her another Ivor Novello Award.

Her last hit in the 1970s came with the Eurovision Song Contest entry for the UK in 1977 called Rock Bottom. The song was co-written and performed with Mike Moran.