In The 1970s Status Quo

Back in 1962 a group called The Spectres founded by Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster. In 1967 the group became Staus Quo with Rick Parfitt of course.

RICK PARFITT died on Christmas Eve 2016 aged 68 from complications after a fall in Spain.

In 1970 there first UK hit in the 1970s was Down The Dustpipe reaching No. 12 which was followed by a non top twenty hit called In My Chair.

Moving on to 1973 and the group scored a No.8 hit with Paper Plane.
  • This song's lyrics were based on a poem written by a close friend of the band, Robert Young. He and the band's frontman Francis Rossi are the credited writers.
The next song later that year only managed to get to No. 20 and was called Mean Girl.

The biggest hit of that year and probably the one they are best remembered for was the classic Caroline.

  • The song was written by the band's frontman Francis Rossi along with Bob Young, who had various duties with Status Quo, including songwriting. The pair wrote the song two years before they finally recorded it, as the band had a backlog of songs at the time.

    They completed the lyrics on a table napkin in the dining room of a hotel in Perranporth, Cornwall. Young recalled to The Guardian April 2, 2013: "We stayed in a right grotty hotel because it was all we could afford and continued writing the song there – in the dining room on a rainy day, when we couldn't take the kids anywhere and everybody was miserable. The hotel manager wasn't impressed that there were two members of Status Quo staying at the hotel. He was even less impressed when I leant against the dining room window and fell through it. But I managed to finish the lyrics – on a napkin."

In 1974 they had a No. 8 hit with Break The Rules which was followed by the groups only No. 1 hit single in the 1970s with Down Down in January 1975.

Only one single in 1975 with Roll Over Lay Down and in 1976 two hits with the No. 11 hit Mystery Song and the No. 9 hit Wild Side Of Life.

Only one hit in 1978 that got to No. 3 but would 12 years later be heard by billions of people when it opened the Live Aid event in 1985. It was of course Rockin' All Over The World written by John Forgety from Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Only one top twenty hit in 1978 with Again and Again.

Two hits in 1979 with the first being Whatever You Want and Living On A Island