In The 1970s Nazareth

This Scottish group were formed in 1968 and consisted of band members Dan McCafferty, Manny Charlton and Darrell Sweet who died in 1999.

There fist 1970s hit was in 1973 with Broken Down Angel from the album Razamamaz getting to No. 9 in the UK charts.This was followed the same year by Bad Bad Boy reaching No. 10. The last hit of that year came with This Flight Tonight which was originally a 1971 hit for Joni Mitchell.

There were no big chart hits in 1974, but the band came back kicking in 1975 with a cover of Love Hurts first a hit in the 1960s by the Everly Brothers. Nazareth got a gold single with their version.

Their next chart hit that year would be their last hit single in the 1970s.

This was a cover version of a 1967 song by Tomorrow,

Interview with Nazareth