In The 1970s Arrival

The group from Liverpool and London consisted of Dyan Birch who went on to work with 70s legends Bryan Ferry and Gloria Gaynor. Frank Collins who also worked with T.Rex and Ian Drury. There were ten group members coming and going through the time line of Arrival including Tony O’Malley who went on to work with 10cc in 1976.
The first hit for the group was in 1970 with Friends. The song was written by Terry Reid who went on to join Deep Purple. Amazingly they had two albums out in the 1970s. First in 1970 called Arrival and the second in 1972 called Arrival. No points for variation there.
In June 1970 their second hit was I Will Survive, which had nothing to do with the Gloria Gaynor hit later in the decade. This was a completely different song all together. The song charted at No. 16.
Really after that Arrival had gone to the departure lounge, and the group split with some of the members joining The Olympic Runners.