In The 1970s Ashton Gardner and Dyke

Tony Ashton from Lancashire in the UK became a singer and composer. After playing several groups in the 1960s he started up his new group in 1970 called Ashton Gardner and Dyke. Tony also wrote the score to the 1971 film The Last Rebel and appeared with numerous groups including Deep Purple. Tony sadly died in 2001 aged 55.
Kim Gardner was born in 1948 also worked with Rod Stewart and Kim also died in 2001 from cancer.
Roy Dyke worked with Medicine Head and Family.
They really only had one chart hit but it was a brilliant dance track called Resurrection Shuffle
Put your hand on your hip
Now you let your back bone slip.
Put out your tongue
Put your head in the air.
Make a ‘V’ sign
And you just don’t care.
Now you feel free
You gotta loose control.
All Gods children gotta
Little bit of soul.
You don’t have to think
You don’t have to move

Band members[edit]