70s Music Chart January 3rd 1970 part two

This is the second article on the BBC charts of the 3rd January 1970, as this was a chart that started in the 1970s it obviously had a great amount of music from the end of the 1960s, so that why on this one occasion we have two postings for the weekly chart. We now countdown the charts from no.10 to no.1.     Jumbo time This is the year that the impossible happened as we did see an Elephant fly, well a Jumbo, well a Jumbo jet really that came to the UK, and has been part of the world of aviation ever since. The original Boeing 747 was produced by the Boeing Company, and this was the year that the Jumbo jet actually flew commercially.

The wide body plane had two levels, allowing having the huge amount of passengers or huge payloads. The design and manufacturer started in the mid-1960s, and was developed from ideas by the American Airforce and the  then President of Pan AM Juan Trippe , who really believed this had to be the future of passenger airlines, and he even linked it to world peace too. Pan Am ordered 25 planes, so he was putting his money where his mouth was. In Seattle the factory was set up and the planes grew. And in January 1970 the wife of President Nixon christened the first Pan Am plane as Young American, later changed to Clipper Victor in Washington, and the first flight from New York to London Heathrow was January 22nd 1970, but a substitute plane had to be used as the first one overheated.

The first flight to the UK carried 332 passengers and 20 crew and around 30,000 pounds of cargo, and was watched by the world as it touched down in London, although 30 passengers did not show for the journey, as the flight had been delayed by six hours, and those people either cancelled or got another flight to the UK.   The captain on the flight was Robert Weeks who flew the 225 foot, five storeys high Jumbo across the Atlantic on the maiden voyage, and landed at 14.14 GMT. The Jumbo was now here and the Brits had placed an order for eleven and soon it would be a huge financial success as it would be very cost effective, as carrying so many passengers than over air planes meant a quicker return.

Within six months the Jumbo would already reach its One Million passengers, and within one year it would be seven million and have seventeen airlines using the amazing Jumbo jet. In August the Jumbo had a hijacking en route to Cuba from New York. When it landed at Cuba even Castro came out to look at this huge plane on his land, and even had a meeting with the airline pilot Captain Watkins. Castro was concerned that when the hijacking was over that the plane would not be able to take off on such a small runway. Luckily it did, and it flew back to the US with all problems sorted. The most famous Jumbo incident was not until the late 1980s when a Jumbo jet was flying over Lockabie in Scotland, when a bomb went off on board and killed everyone on the flight. 259 on board and 11 on the ground. This was Pam Am flight 103, and years later Gaddafi and Libya were found to be responsible for the bombing.

No. 10
Without You by Tom Jones
Sex bomb Tom Jones born in 1940 was so huge in the 1960s and would be a huge star in the 1970s, especially with his TV shows.
Article about Tom Jones This week Tom appeared on the BBC singing "Delilah" in "Pop Goes The Sixties".

No. 9
Tracey by Cufflinks
New York born Ron Dante was the front man of this group of backing singers, although his name was not mentioned for reasons we will explain later. The record is often referred to as great bubblegum music. Dante would work as a producer a few years later for Barry Manilow and ."Mandy".

No. 8
Winter World Of Love by Engelbert Humperdinck
  Lyrics to "Winter World Of Love".
Named after a German composer, but originally born as Arnold George Dacey in 1936, and known as Tom Jones major competition, here he is with a beautiful song of the music of the 70s.

No. 7
All I have To Do Is Dream by Bobbie Gentry and Glenn Campbell
Article about Glenn Campbell
Bobbie born 1944 in 1975 married Jim Stafford who had a hit with "Spiders and Snakes". Glenn was to become the "Rhinestone Cowboy". This song was originally a hit for The Everly Brothers in 1958.

No. 6
Yester-Me, Yester-You,Yesterday by Stevie Wonder
Stevie was born blind in 1950 as Stevland Hardaway Judkins and has won twenty two Grammy awards, not that many really. Lyrics for Yester-Me,Yester-You,Yesterday. The song comes from the album "My Cherie La Mour"
Article about Stevie Wonder

No. 5
Melting Pot by Blue Mink
Article about Blue Mink

No. 4
Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley
Written by Mark James and featuring heavy in Elvis comeback special in 1968, and of course Elvis died in 1977.
Article about Elvis Presley A hit again in January 1977

No. 3
Sugar Sugar by Archies
We welcome back  Ron Dante who was also the voice behind this record based on a cartoon series, yet another bubble gum record. Because he had another record in the charts by another record company his name had to be kept in the background. Dont worry fellow singer on this record is Andy Kim who would have a number One later in the decade with "Rock Me Gently".

No. 2
 Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition
Kenny Rogers article 
Before he had the Chicken outlets, Kenny added his voice to this great record, and it was all done in one take. Originally a hit for Johnny  Darrell in 1967.

No. 1
Two Little Boys by Rolf  Harris
Australian entertainer, artist and BBC show host Rolf forced his Saturday night TV show producer to allow him to sing this on his live TV show. He did and the public loved it and it became the very first Number One in the 1970s. The record dates back to 1902 and tells the story of two boys during the American Civil war. At time of updating this Rolf is in prison for various sex offences


The chart for No. 40 to No. 21 for January 3rd 1970 here BBC 1 TV LISTINGS  JAN 3RD 1970

:Nai Zindagi - Naya Jeevan

A magazine for viewers from India and Pakistan including discussions, review of recent news, music, and stories from the communities.


:Seeing and Believing

Why Jesus Came TOM FLEMING talks to ANNE RIDLER and THE REV REGINALD ASKEW about their dialogue interpretations of the Christmas story with POLLY MURCH MICHAEL GWYNN WILFRED HARRISON and TREVOR CROZIER 'S BROKEN CONSORT


GRAHAM PARKER looks at the weekend weather

:Casey Jones

The Silk Train Casey saves a valuable consignment from disaster


All for fun! Fun for all! Your own electronic comic features this week THE SKATING FONTAINES Thrills at speed ... Skayn and the Moon People 5: There's no time for error ' with the voices of SHEELAGH MCGRATH GORDON CLYDE ANTHONY JACKSON and pictures by LESLIE CASWELL plus some jokes and songs Zokko! music by BRIAN FAHEY Animation by TED LEWIS Produced by PAUL CIANI and MOLLY COX


Introduced by Frank Bough featuring Racing from Haydock Park, one of the most popular Northern courses; a vital Rugby League match in which Leeds, League champions, meet Yorkshire rivals Hull; Moto-Cross; and International Ski-Jumping. Today is the Third Round of the FA Cup, and Grandstand's team of experts preview the intriguing matches. 12.55 * FA Cup Preview Introduced by SAM LEITCH and featuring the action and personalities in the news. 1.15* International Ski-Jumping Highlights of the famous New Year's Day meeting at Garmisch, in which the world's top ski-jumpers compete on the international 90-m jump. Commentator MAX ROBERTSON TV presentation by the German Television Service 1.35, 2.5, 2.35, 3.5* Racing from Haydock Park 1.45 Willows Selling Handicap Hurdle (2 miles) 2.15 Fly Mask Novices Chase (2 miles) 2.45 Ladbroke Handicap Hurdle (2 miles) 3.15 Tom Coulthwaite Handicap Chase (3 miles) Commentators PETER O'SULLEVAN and CLIVE GRAHAM TV presentation by BRIAN JOHNSON 1.55, 4.30* Moto-Cross Third round of the Grandstand Trophy (organised by Southend and District MCC and the ACU). Commentator at Hadleigh MURRAY WALKER TV presentation by RICHARD TILLING 3.25* Rugby League Leeds v Hull Commentator at Headingley EDDIE WARING TV presentation by BOB DUNCAN 4.50* Results Service Times are subject to alteration in order to keep up to date with events. Latest news, football scores, and racing results are given throughout the afternoon, and the Teleprinter service is at 4.40* Grandstand presented by BRIAN VENNER Edited by ALAN HART


Introduced by HENRY FELL Sugar Beet DAVID RICHARDSON looks at harvesting systems and the use of beet tops for cattle feed. Produced by JOHN KENYON (from Birmingham) Weather for farmers 1.50 Interval

:The Education Programme

Could do better ... only fair ... satisfactory ... Are school reports helpful, or can they be improved?

:Made in Britain

The Right to Bear Arms Although few people can establish a legal right to a family coat of arms, thousands buy them every year as decorations for their cars and door knockers. Production MICHAEL PRIESTLEY

:Sights and Sounds of Britain

A series of documentary films that travels somewhere different each week in search of the British-and gets involved with their feelings about the place they call home - somewhere on our island. We are a complex people, with our customs and dialects surprisingly different from those in the village or county next door. Because of the mixture that we are - can anyone know the British? 1: The River Tamar 'I Suppose We Died with the Arsenic' The River Tamar divides Cornwall from England - it is a placid, beautiful backwater - once important, but now a man who lives there can say, ' The jungle's coming back - sometimes I think we're going to be like the Sleeping Beauty - surrounded by thorns, waiting for . . . ' Narrator DEREK JONES

:Ken Dodd

and The Diddymen in Doddy the Peacemaker Puppetry by ROGER STEVENSON Script BOB BLOCK Directed by KEN WRENCH Produced by STAN PARKINSON (from Manchester)

:Sunday's Adventure Film Lancelot and Guinevere

starring Cornel Wilde, Jean Wallace Spectacular battle scenes cram the screen with action in this story from the legend of King Arthur. Cornel Wilde as Lancelot falls in love with Guinevere, who is betrothed to Arthur. And so develops a conflict of loyalties - a conflict vigorously handled by Wilde in his other role as the film's director.

:Jack and the Beanstalk on Ice

A brand new ice spectacular with 75 international skaters Directed and produced by GERALD PALMER starring Reg Park Linda Davis Frances Waghorn with skating specialities by Bernard Ford and Diane Towler Ted Deeley Jeff and Franzisca and'featuring the clowning of Charlie Cairoli and Co Commentator ALAN WEEKS
:Dr Who
starring Jon Pertwee with Caroline John and Nicholas Courtney Spearhead from Space by ROBERT HOLMES Part 1 A swarm of ' meteorites ' lands - and so does the Tardis. From it emerges a new Doctor - or is it an impostor? The new arrival is immediately an object of suspicion and a target for attack.

:The Debbie Reynolds Show

in which the lovely young film star makes her television debut in a new comedy series stars . This week: It's a Bird! It's a plane! It's Debbie! ... It's highly dangerous!

:The News

Weatherman BERT FOORD


Unknown: Bert Foord

:The News

Weatherman GRAHAM PARKER It's a Bird! it's Debbie: 5.40


Unknown: Graham Parker

:Malcolm Muggeridge

asks The Question Why A topical programme which questions the real issues behind the news and some of the assumptions on which people base their lives. P

:It's Cliff Richard

with Una Stubbs , Hank B. Marvin featuring Cheryl Kennedy Vocal backings THE BREAKAWAYS Choreography NITA HOWARD NORRlE PARAMOR AND HIS ORCHESTRA Sound HUGH BARKER Lighting PETER SMEE

:High Adventure Broken Arrow

Tonight's presentation in this season of feature films with action, spectacle, and excitement stars James Stewart Jeff Chandler , Debra Paget Set in the 1870s at the time of the Indian wars in Arizona, Broken Arrow is based on a true story which became a best-selling novel, Blood Brother. It is usually regarded as a landmark: it was the first Western to take a sympathetic view of the Indians instead of ' mowing them down.' James Stewart plays the frontiersman, Tom Jeffords , who attempts to bring about a new understanding between the white man and the Indians. Jeff Chandler , who had only made two films before this, plays Cochise, the famous Apache chief t - a role he repeated in Battle at Apache Pass. His last film was Merrill's Marauders, completed shortly before his death in 1961.

:Songs of Praisefor New Year

With ANDREW CRUICKSHANK from St Kessog's Parish Church, Callander with choirs from the Callander and surrounding churches The Stirling Gaelic Choir The Dunblane Male Voice Choir The McLaren High School Choir and Callander Primary School Choir
Directed By: Ralph Smith

:Dr Finlay's Casebook

Created by A. J . CRONIN starring in The Burgess Ticket by DONALD BULL with Dr Cameron' tells a 63-year-old patient-'You're straining too hard, like an old horse teamed with a young one in the shafts. Why not ease off while the grass is still green? ' But easing off is far from easy. And Dr Cameron's own 65th birthday is looming ... The series produced by arrangement With GRAHAM STEWART Costume CHERRY FERRAND Make-up JEAN LOMBARDINI Designer ARCHIE CLARK

:Play of the Month

presenting Zena Walker Mary Wimbush in Act of Betrayalby HUGH WHITEMORB also starring Stanley Meadows Michael Gwynn Gerald Sim Script editor ROSEMARY HILL Designer SUSAN SPENCE Producer CEDRIC MESSINA Directed by WILLIAM SLATER

9.15 Val Doonican Show

starring Val Doonican with special guests Michael Flanders and Donald Swann Julie Felix THE GILLIAN LYNNE GROUP THE ADAM SINGERS

:Vanity Fair

by W. M. THACKERAY dramatised in five parts by REX TUCKER starring Susan Hampshire A new dramatisation in colour of this high comedy renowned for its irony and wit. 1: The Famous Little Becky Puppet Cast in order of appearance

:The News

with Kenneth Kendall and Weather


Unknown: Kenneth Kendall

:The News

with KENNETH KENDALL and Weather

:Omnibus presents The Mysterious Mr Eliot

The first comprehensive television essay on the life and work of one of the greatest poets of this century, T. S. Eliot ... a man who spent eight very satisfactory years' in a City bank; whose works range from the revolutionary Waste Land to Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats - a man full of surprises. He received more honours in his lifetime than any other writer, but to most people almost nothing is known of his life and personality; he seems a mystery. with Mrs Valerie Eliot Miss

:Match of the Day

The FA Cup Sixty-four clubs ranging from First Division giants like the present holders, Manchester City, to non-League unknowns like Hillingdon Borough contest today's action-packed Third Round. Who will succeed Manchester City next April as the 1970 winners at Wembley Stadium? KENNETH WOLSTENHOLME , BARRY DAVIES , and ALAN WEEKS report with outside broadcast cameras on three of today's exciting ties.
:Ad Lib
A live conversation on the issues of the week with three men and women of distinction in widely differing fields who hold strong views on the topics of today - and tomorrow.

:Braden's Week

Each week: 25,000 tons of newsprint; 50 hours of news bulletins One man, Bernard Braden and his team John Pitman , Esther Rantzen Sean O'Reilly take a look at some of the things that happened-and some of the things that didn't. Musical memory of the week:



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