Cozy Powell in the 1970s

Colin Flooks later became Cozy Powell and was one of the greatest drummers the UK ever had. In 1970 Cozy was on stage on the Isle of Wight stage with Jeff Beck himself and went on to record two albums with the Jeff Beck Group. So you still do not remember Cozy hits?

How about the top ten hit Dance With The Devil which has to be one the best drum hits ever in the charts and had a big name on the base. Her name was Suzie Quatro who went on to have a No. 1 hit with Can The Can.

Cozy has a second hit called The Man In Black which got to No. 18 and which no one seems to every recall, including me. But Cozy went on to chart again as a group member of Rainbow with hits such as Since You’ve Been Gone.

His only other top ten hit was in 1974 with Na Na Na

Cozy died in a car accident in 1998 on the M4.