In the 1970s Billy Paul

When you hear this name you have that beautiful song flow through your mind. The one that we all thought was a little bit naughty back in the time. After all it was all about having an affair was it not?
Billy Paul was born in 1934 as Paul Williams and in the late 60s was touring clubs and bars in Philadelphia sharing the stage with such names as Roberta Flack and Miles Davis.

His first solo single debut hit in 1972 was the beautiful Me And Mrs Jones. A classic tale of infidelity, Paul’s unorthodox style enhanced the ballad’s sense of guilt. His later releases included ‘Thanks For Saving My Life’ (1974), which did not chart in the UK.

Thanks for saving my life
For picking me up
Dusting me off
Making me feel like
I'm living again
(Like I'm living again)
I'm so glad I ran into you
If I hadn't seen you
I would have been through

Moving on to 1976 and a smaller hit with Let’s Make A Baby, followed by Let ’Em In’ (1977) which was an adaptation of the Paul McCartney hit to emphasize lyrical references to Dr. Martin Luther King. I remember this  song had huge radio play on Capital Radio in London, but it was a not a huge national hit.