Forgotten '70s show 1

Forgotten '70s show 1: The Motors - Forget About You Cozy Powell - Na Na Na Chairmen Of The Board - Finders Keepers Freda Payne - Deeper & Deeper Steve Forbert - Going Down To Laurel East Of Eden - Jig A Jig Fairfield Parlour - Bourdeaux Rose Andy Bown - Another Shipwreck Status Quo - In My Chair Buzzcocks - Harmony In My Head Stretch - Why Did You Do It? Sailor - Stiletto Heels Giorgio - From Here To Eternity Madness - The Prince

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I am one of those baby boomer's, who had the pleasure, and the FUN to grow up in the 1970s. The 70s music was so diverse, and the charts were for everyone from 8 to 80. That was when POP was fun, and the top forty really meant something as it was a shared experience. I have tried in this site to bring back the memories of the 70s, not just the pure pop, but also the heavy guys like Floyd and Black Sabbath. Everything had a place in the music of the 70s, and everything has a memory for one of us 1970s boomers.