May 1979

30 UK, US and European hits from May 1979:
1. Pop Muzik
2. We Are Family
3. Hot Stuff
4. Mr. Groovy (It Feels So Right)
5. Let Me Be Good To You
6. African Blood
7. Dancer
8. Boys Keep Swinging
9. Lady Night
10. Makin' It
11. Intro Disco
12. Frozen Years
13. Superman
14. Boogie Wonderland
15. Shine A Little Love
16. Say When
17. Dancin' Fool
18. Roxanne
19. Does Your Mother Know
20. Minute By Minute
21. Remember Russia
22. Hanging On The Telephone
23. One Night Affair
24. You Can't Change That
25. Loose Caboose
26. Love's What I Want
27. Goin' Back To China
28. White Lightning
29. Reunited
30. Lydia

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