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Pop marriage and death

In May of 1971 the lead singer of the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger married his new pregnant wife Bianca Perez Mora Marcias at a ceremony in St Tropex in France. But because of the number of press pushing and shouting Jagger delayed the ceremony for an hour, saying he would not get married in a “goldfish bowl”. Mick was living as a tax exile in France at this time.

At this time the Stones were broke, and had very little money to continue. The management knew nothing of the wedding until a week before, and they were desperate to get Mick back in a recording studio as soon as possible to get some money into the group.

The group itself did not appear to be that happy either, as again they had not known long before that the wedding was going to happen. It was also a surprise as Bianca and Mick had not known each other that long, and it was only a year before that Mick and Marriene Faithfull had spilt up.

Some of the guests that turned up for the civil ceremony were Paul and Linda McCartney along with George Harrison. Both the Beatles flew on the same plane from Gatwick, but were not talking as they were still in a bitter dispute over the Beatles ending and the financial implications.

Also present was Eric Clapton, Ronnie Wood and Bill Wyman for part of the day. Keith Richards was the best man that day, and drink and heroin was awash with many of the guests unable to travel back to the UK the next day because of being a little ill.

The marriage went to a divorce only a few years later because of Mick's adultery.

The year of 1971 saw the death in Paris in July of Doors front man the legendary Jim Morrison.
Morrison was found dead in his bath by his girlfriend. The cause of death was put down to heart failure brought on by severe alcohol miss use.

He had formed the Doors in 1965 and had become a huge star in the late 1960s, but his behaviour was getting worse and worse as he entered the 1970s. Just before his death he was indicating that he wanted to give up music and concentration writing, the irony is that the album “Morrissons Hotel” from 1970 was getting huge critical acclaim.

His girlfriend died a few years later again from heroin, again aged like Jim at only 27.

Jim Morrison was buried in Paris, France and his grave has now become a tourist attraction. As for his legacy of hits like “Light My Fire” from the 1960s, and the classic hit of the year “Riders on the Storm”, from his album “L.A. Woman”. The single only got to number 22 at the time.

After his death Jim Morrison records continued with three studio albums and two compilation albums in the 1970s, along with a few small singles that charted, but were really not the glowing end to a great star.

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